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This page will highlight the different events that we have captured over the recent weeks and months.


Photo Booth - Sweet Sixteen - August 5th 2017

MAC_4640MAC_4640    MAC_4684MAC_4684

Studio 13 - Picture Day - May 29th

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Focus Performing Art Studio - Dance Recital 2017

JAC_1281-EditJAC_1281-Edit   JAC_0486JAC_0486   JAC_2163JAC_2163   JAC_2796JAC_2796   JAC_2473JAC_2473   JAC_1431 copyJAC_1431 copy   IMG_2912IMG_2912

Sea Cadets - Graduation Ceremony 2017

DSC_2670DSC_2670   DSC_2881DSC_2881   DSC_2785DSC_2785

Graduation Pictures - StarChild Academy Lake Mary

Graduation Pictures - G.USA Preschool Academy

Champion Karate - Graduation Ceremony   CHA_0326CHA_0326   CHA_0306CHA_0306  


Tribute - Dance Competition

DSC_1866DSC_1866   DSC_3993DSC_3993   DSC_6854DSC_6854   DSC_2333DSC_2333


Spring Pictures - StarChild Academy - Lake Mary, FL