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Getting ready for picture day.

Here are a few things to remember before showing up to our picture location.

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•  Make sure that every player receives the " Picture Day Order Form "

•  Make sure the information is correct and payment is attached to the order form.

•  Players must ALL BE PRESENT for the Team Picture. 

•  Please arrive 45 minutes before scheduled Game time.  Action Shots 4 Kids will start 

   with individual pictures as players arrive. The Team Picture will be taken last.

DSC_3889DSC_3889F Harvell -    (1) 5x7 - Team Picture - Tots Impact(1) 5x7 - Team Picture - Tots Impact    5x7 - Team Picture - 20145x7 - Team Picture - 2014


•  If your Team has any scheduling issues, please contact Action Shots 4 Kids.

   Jacques Blais - 407-467-0283