Samples of poses that parents should get.  Click here.


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1) Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged.            

If you have an extra one, please bring it.


2) Your SD cards should be reformatted -

in the camera before the start of the day


3) Shoot in a RAW.  Reset your PREFIX file numbers.      

ie:  JAC_1234     use your initial  ie:  JEN_4567

Be PREPARED to be busy. You will learn quickly how        

to compose Soccer Players of all ages.


4)  Dress Code.  Wear something comfortable for the      

day.  I preffer that you wear a red polo shirt.  For the 

guys I ‘ve seen some great RED polo shirt at Wal-Mart. 

Let me know your size and I’ll pick one up for you.




If you have any questions, feel free to call 

me anytime.  407-467-0283


Please acknowledge me with a confirmation that you have received this email.  (  Got it )




Jacques Blais